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Live Chat For More Sales From Your Web Site

Chat live with visitor / customer on your web site on one to one basis solve their queries and assist them in completing sales process. This helps in closing sales faster. Live support brings more confidence to your customers.

Monitor Visitors on your web site in real time, how many visitors on your web site, what web page they are viewing, from where they come to your web site. Find out if they need any help from you.

Use Live Chat Software to Provide Help/Support

Make web site live and interactive, offer best customer care services, support them when they need.

Help multiple customers at the same time on one to one basis - reduces support cost .

Use canned responses / push web pages - reduces support cost aSnd improves response time.

Incomparable Live Chat software at unbeatable price
  • Real Time Visitor Monitoring
  • One to One Text Live Chat
  • Pro-Active Chat Invitation
  • Customizable On-line/Off-line Status Graphics
  • Various Audio Notifications
  • Multiple support operators
  • Multiple departments
  • Customizable Visitor Chat Window
  • Use in Any Language (Provide Support using Any language)
  • Visitor Geo Location tracking (City, Region and Country)


Easy to Integrate
  • Sign-up for trial account & receive confirmation email
  • Login in Your Account & get codes to insert in your webpages
  • Place CRMPanel codes in your web pages & Upload your web pages
  • Open visitor monitoring window & watch visitor in real time and chat with visitors.
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